Employment as an Insurance Fraud Investigator

Did you know that suspected insurance related fraud claims are on a steady rise. This may be bad for the insurance business however, it is great for the select few that are looking to become an insurance fraud investigator . Granted, it requires a certain type of skill to embark in this line of employment.

You would be dealing with the investigation of insurance claims that are suspected to be fraudulent; Both criminal and civil in nature. This means investigating both the people making claims (members) and doctors or authority figures (know as providers) suspected of malpractice. This is why there are several retired police officers and military personnel that do well in this area of work.

There are many different and specialized backgrounds that could qualify you for, becoming an investigator. If you feel that you would have a knack for the skills that are required to investigate, deter and detect insurance fraud, than you may be ready for a new career in insurance fraud investigation.

  Insurance Fraud Awareness

Insurance Fraud Awareness

Training with Insurance Fraud Awareness prepares you to understand, recognize, and respond appropriately to potential insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Requirements

Unlike many other genres of investigation work that require certification. (like a private investigator license). There are no specific Insurance Fraud Investigation Courses or designations. Instead, it is molded through experience and training in related fields, as well as intuition built on practice.

insurance fraud investigationHowever, there some Requirements in such fields as :

The opportunity for insurance fraud investigator jobs is split up between insurance companies that hire outside investigators through an agency. As well as the bigger insurance companies that have their own in-house team of fraud investigation officers.


Types of Insurance Fraud an Investigator Deals With

insurance fraud preventionThere are several types of Insurance Fraud that an investigator can be involved in. Dealing with businesses, people, lawyers, courts and police are all part of the process.

As an insurance investigations officer, you will have to communicate with people on all levels. Meaning, dealing with irate people one minute, than dealing with lawyers and court officials the next.

Investigations is hard work and there are some very complicated matters involved. That is why many specialize in specific areas of insurance fraud, such as Auto or Life Insurance. There are also those who are trained enough to work in many different areas at any given time. There are surveillance aspects of the job as well, including observing and recording individuals suspected of exaggerating their injuries as an example. Taking photos, conducting interviews, questioning and problem solving are also part of their duties.

Now that you are aware of the types of people insurance investigators deal with and the methods they use. You will see that the following list of insurance fraud schemes that an investigator deals with would take a very smart, sharp and crafty type of individual to investigate and resolve.

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