Working Loss Prevention Investigator Jobs

loss prevention investigator jobsNo matter what state or province you reside in, theft and fraud is a real threat that continues to grow on a daily basis. Those who work Loss Prevention Investigator Jobs will tell you employment opportunities are excellent.

There are several areas of business in which an LPI can work. Some of the most famous and glamorous positions would be that of the casino security investigator, made popular by tv and movies. On the other end, you have those who work in retail security or internet security. No matter which area you choose for your Loss Prevention Career, you will find yourself in some very interesting and rewarding situations.

Here is a list of some Loss Prevention Areas of Employment:

Loss Prevention Investigation Duties

There are many areas that a Loss Prevention Officer deals with on the job. Some of them require many years of skill to master. Loss Prevention Investigator Training is also essential to perform in this field of employment as there is a need to stay on top of new loss prevention measures.

Here is a General List of Duties and Responsibilities Common to Loss Prevention Work:


General Qualifications and Requirements to Become a Loss Prevention Investigator

loss prevention detectiveNot just anyone can walk in off of the street and do what LP Investigators do. In order to become a loss prevention investigator there must be a related foundation of training. As well, on the job experience in a related field unless in an intern or work co-op program.

The salary range for a loss prevention investigations officer is anywhere from Twenty-Five Thousand per year for smaller end full time work, to upwards of Five Figure Incomes for those responsible for larger scale operations.

There must be training in the strategies of shrink reduction and loss prevention methods. For interns, this can be learned on the job. You will also have to acquire Interrogation and Interviewing techniques in order to do your job effectively.

Although there aren't any specific investigator schools for the trade. Related work experience and College education and related training courses are usually required to advance in loss prevention employment.

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